Service Terms

ITS Terms and Conditions
Renter/Driver Information

All renter/drivers MUST have and show his/her own originals:
1 Possess valid passport and visa for at least next six months
2 Minimum age 22 to rent. Renters aged 22-25, UAD fee should be paid by renters.
3 Possess a valid driver’s license, at least one year driving experience.
4 Present a valid credit card
5 Be familiar with the traffic regulations of the United States
Usage of Vehicles:
1 Sign the Auto Liability Addendum or have their driving history verified using an automated license checking system
2 Be present at the time of rental and sign the driver form. The driver will be fined if he/she didn’t sign the form. At the same time, the insurance doesn’t work.
3 After signing the additional driver form, with the company of renters, qualified drivers not present may be added later at any corporate ITS location. A maximum of 2 additional drivers may sign on
4 All vehicles may be driven throughout the 48 contiguous states
Fee Calculation
1 The rental is based on the types of vehicles, and the unit of lease is day or month
2 Deposit of vehicles based on the types, the range is $3000-$5000
3 The renters are responsible for all expense of gasoline, parking, toll and consumption tax during rental
4 Renters are responsible for all the cost which is caused by consumers’ improper usage of the vehicles.
5 The prices of insurance are different, and details are below.
6 Cars will have a full tank of fuel at start of rental and should be returned with a full tank, otherwise refuelling charges will apply.
7 Short/Long Term Rental supplies free delivery services (Only airports specified by ITS ), GPS navigation, infant seat, child safety seat, and child booster seat(Please book special equipment 48 hours in advance). 
8 Renters are responsible for all the fine if they violated traffic laws. When returning the vehicles, ITS will freeze $3000 in renter’s credit card as a cash deposit, which will automatically lift the freeze in one month.
9 Renters will be charged another 10% of the rental fee every day for returning the vehicles after expiration date. 
Driving License Information
1 All named drivers must hold a full, clean and valid driving license, valid for the country of use 
2 USA will not accept military or government issued licenses.
3 USA will not accept learner's permits.
4 An International Driving permit is acceptable only with the original license from the issuing country.
Payment Information
1 Cash Rentals: Accepted. Renter must complete a Cash Prepayment ID Card application.
2 Credit card(s) with a Visa/MasterCard logo will be required for full rental charges and a deposit for any excess.
3 Renter must submit to a credit check to determine credit worthiness.
4 Renter must have additional identification: a current utility bill (phone, electric, etc.) OR bank statement with an address matching that of the renter's driver's license.
5 Debit Card Hold: Minimum authorization hold is the estimated rental charges.
6 Others payments including prepaid cards and gift cards are not accepted.
Pickup/Return vehicles
1 If need pickup/return vehicles service, please contact with our service center ahead 48 hours.
2 Renter can get the vehicle with the same or higher level he/she booked without extra expense, if ITS couldn’t supply the vehicle that renter want.
3 Vehicles should be returned according to the date and place that both negotiated before. Customers can apply for extension via calling or mailing 12 hours in advance. If not, it’s against the rule.
4 ITS supports returning vehicles at different corporate ITS locations (Only in California). If so, renter is responsible for the extra fee. 
Insurance Information
In the USA, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is known as Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) and includes Theft Protection.
LDW - Loss Damage Waiver is not an insurance, but optional coverage for loss of and damage to the rental vehicle resulting from collision, theft & vandalism. It does not cover fire, or other acts of nature. (with responsible & legal behavior, the renter is not responsible for fire or other acts of nature with or without purchase of LDW)
New York already includes LDW in the rental price, as required by law. It cannot be waived.
When LDW is included in the rate or purchased at the time of rental the customer is fully covered for loss of or damage to the vehicle with zero financial responsibility (zero excess/ deductible) for all vehicles
1 Follow the traffic rules and laws of the USA
2 Renters can never lend, lease and mortgage the vehicles rented from ITS
3 No transporting flammable, combustible and other dangerous stuff
4 If accidents happened, renters should call the police in time and report to ITS in one hour
5 Without the permission of ITS, no disassembling, no repairing, no changing the components of the vehicles
6 Check the vehicle before picking it up 
7 Pay attention to school buses, police cars and other special vehicles.
8 Fuel the ITS vehicles duo to the different types of gasoline 
9 ITS provide formal rent receipts
For More Information about ITS
Wechat Account:itsinfo
China Office:(+86-10) 5128-0902
USA Office:+1 (916) 693-0766
When you place an order and submit it, it means you have read and accepted the above T&Cs provided by ITS.
The above T&Cs will be signed with the rent contract at the same time.